Dewesh Shankar 28 Nov, 2019 14:12 74291 5

This NRI Film Director Is Proving That ‘The Hollywood dream is not overrated’


Talking films with LA-based filmmaker Aditya Patwardhan

India is a country where cinema is nothing less than religion. We love our Bollywood stars and live through our films. That said, our love for Hollywood and how we are enamoured each time one of our own steps into the West is not unknown. While there are more glamorous faces and names that seldom miss catching our eye, there are some, working their way into the audiences’ hearts, winning awards and making beautiful cinema, all by being behind the scenes.

Say ‘Hello’ to Aditya Patwardhan! An Indian Film Director and Producer based in Los Angeles and represented in Hollywood by acclaimed film producer and talent manager Julia Verdin (known for producing films like Al Pacino's Merchant of Venice). Aditya is one of the few Indian filmmakers in Hollywood who has directed and produced films in Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean.