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These 26 Toilet Seats Will Make You Wanna Stop Pooping And Start Laughing


When was the last time you wished for a fancy toilet seat?

Water is important. Air is important. Sun is important. Food is important. But do you know what else is important? TOILETS!

Yes! Toilets are important and I know you agree, because if mankind doesn't have toilets, where will all the brilliantly-genius ideas come from?

And where will we sit and scroll our phones?

And where will we give that blockbuster singing performance every day?

Now, you know why toilets are not just important for pooping! 

Seriously speaking, toilets are the reason this Earth is a cleaner place to live. So, today I bring you a series of 26 toilet seats that will blow your mind away.

I mean, you might want to avoid pooping and start laughing right away.

Take a look: